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Doing business with Sub Saharan French speaking Africa requires expertise and due diligence with a deep knowledge of these markets.  Although Sub Saharan French speaking  Africa offers  virgin markets and opportunities these markets remain hard to access from the outside.

With a team of Experts, a very close nit operations network throughout those markets we are providing  powerful analytics, insights and expertise giving our customers the edge to invest and immerse confidently in Sub Saharan French speaking Africa. We specialize in investigative, international due diligence and research which enables us to the most valuable insight tailored to our clients business needs..

We are the leading provider of due diligence francophone Africa across the globe. We help decision makers gain deep insights, underwrite investment decisions and achieve business excellence. With efficient, transparent, accurate background checks on individuals and comprehensive risk analysis of businesses in Francophone Africa, we arm our clients with the information they need to make informed business decisions.

African Investment Day  has built its reputation by an uncompromising focus on quality research, focus on integrity in how we execute our work, and putting the interests to make our clients win French-speaking Sub Saharan Africa.

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We started out with a strong focus on delivering communication between Europe and Africa. With a growing interest in investment by Europe, our strong database in Sub Saharan French Speaking Africa, we progressively widened our portfolio of services into the world of due diligence, matchmaking and primary, secondary research.

We are a family run business, who believes in providing top quality customer service and value for money. Being a family business enables us to  respond rapidly to requests, provide timely updates on critical findings and we can deliver high quality expedited due diligence reporting to our clients. We take great  pride in our ability to deliver intelligence to compliance teams flexibly and within short timeframes  paired  with practical knowledge and expertise, which is always focused on offering you the best solution for your Sub Saharan French speaking Africa business.


In real life as in business it’s about making real connections with real people.

Understanding and doing business with Sub Saharan French speaking  Africa is more then what you will find in books and in  statistics.

Our team of African business  veterans and professionals are our most important assets, and we place great importance on their deep expertise and environment to ensure they are best placed to give you the right advice.

Being born to an African parent or having lived on the continent makes us more than just service providers but true bridgebuilders between the two continents of opportunities.  Our commitment to bringing you the best results does not stop at our desk. Being on the ground and connected through family ties makes the relation Europe-USA- Africa not just a business for us but a vocation.  Bringing you the most accurate results for us is not just a duty  but our commitment to making you & Africa a winner in bilateral business relations.

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