African Investment Day – Conference

Francophone Africa  – Ready for Business!

The  African Investment Day has the same name as our company. It  is the only  conference in  Europe exclusively panelled by African experts  and dedicated to open,  develop strong trade and investment ties. In cooperation with African governments, this is a proactive approach by the panellists to further promote francophone Africa as a viable destination for investment.
Attendees get first hand access into the markets in consideration to investment profile and macro trends.

The African Investment Day brings together African government officials, CEO’s, political, social leaders and entrepreneurs with Germany’s private investment sector to develop ideas, sign trade agreements and inform about investment opportunities on the African continent. Each year we place a  particular emphasis on one Sub Saharan French speaking country which patrons the event.

The African Investment Day also focuses on providing attendees with pragmatic insights, market entry strategies and in-depth expertise from panellists currently engaged on the continent as well as in Europe. Attendees  have the chance to forge long standing bonds for cooperation to de-risk projects, generate win-win results and positive impact for all stakeholders in a thriving economic environment.

Speakers 2021

Former Speakers


9.15 AM  

Doors open/registration


10.00 AM  

networking breakfast


10.15 AM  Welcome keynote address
10.45 AM  

Panel: Mali

New Government, New Opportunity?

11.30  AM  

Panel: Cameroon

A Risk or an Investment Blessing?

 12.15 PM  

Panel: Ivory Coast

Old but Gold,  Investment Destination?

12.45 PM  

Lunch break

Workshop/Breakout sessions

15.00 PM Keynote address  by Government/Patron
15.20 PM  

Panel: Congo
Market Analyses,  Direct Market Entry, Opportunity

16.20 PM Meet the Ministers!

Coffee Break

17.00 PM Technology Hub: Africa!
18.00 PM Closing Keynote by African Investment Day